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2014-2015 Theme:

“The world would be a better place if…”

Colorado PTA Member, Mary Lou Anderson, started the Reflections program in 1969. Since that time it has become one of the most popular programs National PTA offers. Students in preschool through grade 12 are encouraged to create works of art for fun and recognition.

Students can now submit works in SIX areas:

  • Literature
  • Musical Composition
  • Photography
  • Visual
  • Dance choreography
  • Film/video production

More that 10 million students have participated the Reflections program. Therefore, the word “Program” is used instead of “contest” because the focus is on recognition. In its more than 30-year history the program has encouraged millions of students across the nation to create works of art.

Each year, the Reflections Program challenges students to create art that supports a specific theme. Themes are selected from thousands of ideas submitted by students through the National PTA’s Reflections Program. ALL units must be in good standing.

Reflections Forms

Here are our Reflections students who were honored at the 2014 Convention:

Indiana PTA Reflections Winners
2013 – 2014
“Dream, Believe, Inspire”

Dance Choreography

*Outstanding Interpretation Violet Hahn, Irwin, Ft. Wayne
Award of Merit Leah Britt, Douglas MacArthur, Indianapolis
*Outstanding Interpretation Jamauria Paige, Memorial Park, Ft. Wayne
Award of Excellence Carly Cato, Oak Hill, Evansville
*Outstanding Interpretation Veronica Bone, North Side High, Ft. Wayne
Award of Excellence Rhiannon Freimuth, North Side High, Ft. Wayne and Alyssa MacCartney, Morton High, Hammond


Award of Excellence Landin Walker, Irwin, Ft. Wayne and Stevan Mowery, Nebraska, Ft. Wayne
*Outstanding Interpretation Morgan Taylor, Colonel Wheeler, Crown Point
Award of Merit Shane Wiskirchen, Perry Meridian Middle, Indianapolis
Award of Merit Megan Carter, North Side High, Ft. Wayne

Music Composition

Award of Merit Wayne Mitchell, Harrison Hill, Ft. Wayne and Grace Bennett, Scott, Evansville
*Outstanding Interpretation Arisa Hocharoen, Haley Elementary, Ft. Wayne
Award of Excellence Jack Deckard, Haley Elementary, Ft. Wayne and Sydney Spilker, Robert C. Harris, Ft. Wayne
Award of Merit Celeste Julien, Robert C. Harris, Ft. Wayne; Kristen Brzycki, Douglas MacArthur, Indianapolis; Sarah Long, Douglas MacArthur, Indianapolis; Grace Vandenburg, Emmons, Mishawaka and Lauren Ozete, Oak Hill, Evansville
*Outstanding Interpretation Ava Ward, Perry Meridian Middle, Indianapolis
Award of Excellence John Hanlon, Colonel Wheeler, Crown Point; Keith Makhecha, North Jr. High, Evansville; Payton Romans, Perry Meridian Middle, Indianapolis; Morgan Taylor, Colonel Wheeler, Crown Point and Tanner Jackson, Oak Hill PTA, Evansville
High School
*Outstanding Interpretation Jonathan Bushapa, North Side High, Ft. Wayne
Award of Excellence Josh Innes, Morton High, Hammond



*Outstanding Interpretation Safina Ansar, Irwin, Ft. Wayne
Award of Excellence Laila Abumahfouz, Eman – Fishers and Jayden Brothers, Robert C. Harris, Ft. Wayne
Award of Merit Benjamin Hug, J.E Ober, Garrett
*Outstanding Interpretation Melanie Copeland, Raymond Park Academy, Indianapolis
Award of Excellence Quentin Cox, Irwin, Ft. Wayne; Amelia Allman, Douglas MacArthur, Indianapolis and Rachel Hack, School 56, Indianapolis
Award of Merit Ayat Zatar, Eman, Fishers; Anna Koonce, Cynthia Heights, Evansville; Zoran Mehrzad, Scott, Evansville; Christian Cervantes, Emmons, Mishawaka; Kaitlin Ankeney, Emmons, Mishawaka; Marcus Manda; Campbell Jackson, Oak Hill, Evansville and Fiona Gochtovtt-Stine, Irwin, Ft. Wayne
*Outstanding Interpretation Imran Hussain, Eman, Fishers
Award of Excellence Caitlyn Latham, Jefferson Middle, Ft. Wayne; Meredith Cash, Perry Meridian Middle, Indianapolis and Jennifer Kievert, Kesling Middle, LaPorte
Award of Merit William Pouch, Colonel Wheeler, Crown Point; Riley Ott, Kesling Middle, LaPorte; Katherine Brice, North Jr. High, Evansville and Kiera Sloan, Raymond Park Academy, Indianapolis
*Outstanding Interpretation Raneem Hijazi, Eman, Fishers
Award of Excellence Nouha Mitiche, Eman School, Fishers
Award of Merit Nathan Grayson, North High, Evansville and Lacey Brothers, North Side High, Ft. Wayne
Special Artist
*Outstanding Interpretation Ava Belcher, School 56, Indianapolis


*Outstanding Interpretation Khyree Bowe, Robert C. Harris, Ft. Wayne
Award of Excellence Laila Abumahfouz, Eman, Fishers; Leilynea Krauter, Robert C. Harris, Ft. Wayne and Max McGinnis, J.E Ober, Garrett
Award of Merit Nathan Kreiger, Irwin, Ft. Wayne; Aryan Bakshi, Douglas MacArthur, Indianapolis and Miles Brzycki, Douglas MacArthur, Indianapolis
*Outstanding Interpretation Tyler Weinzapfel, Cynthia Heights, Evansville
Award of Excellence Abla Abumahfouz, Eman School, Fishers; Gavin Bowe, Robert C. Harris, Ft. Wayne; Zoe Szabo, Oak Hill, Evansville and Sydney Woodard, Oak Hill, Evansville
Award of Merit Courtney Rowlette, Harrison Hill, Ft. Wayne; Amelia Larson, Harrison Hill, Ft. Wayne; Colin Westerfield, Robert C. Harris, Ft. Wayne; Delaney Scherrer, Irwin, Ft. Wayne; Varma Vishnu, Irwin, Ft. Wayne; Dirk Hildebrand, Croninger, Ft. Wayne; Ronnie Mowery, Nebraska, Ft. Wayne; Jacob Long, Douglas MacArthur, Indianapolis; Denton Britt, Douglas MacArthur, Indianapolis; Maha Ahmed, Eman, Fishers; Tyler Weinzapfel, Cynthia Heights, Evansville; Abigail Jackson, Scott, Evansville; Ryan Islam, Scott, Evansville; Abby Weaver, J.E Ober, Garrett and Olivia Myers, J.E Ober, Garrett
*Outstanding Interpretation Azure Patterson, School 91, Indianapolis
Award of Excellence Julia Martin, Colonel Wheeler, Crown Point; Kara Woodard, Oak Hill, Evansville and Olivia Laufer, Oak Hill, Evansville
Award of Merit Ruba Bakdash, Eman, Fishers; Benjamin Jackson, Scott, Evansville; Jayden Roach, Scott, Evansville and Andrew Hurst, Colonel Wheeler, Crown Point
*Outstanding Interpretation Shae Olstad, North Side High, Ft. Wayne
Award of Excellence Raneem Hijazi, Eman, Fishers and Karli VanCleave, North Side High, Ft. Wayne
Award of Merit Nourhan Abdelwahab, Eman, Fishers and Elizabeth Fahrlander, Reitz, Evansville

Visual Arts

*Outstanding Interpretation Mackenzie High, Harrison Hill, Ft. Wayne
Award of Excellence Dominic Bella, Beiger School, Mishawaka
Award of Excellence Maya Sundar, Croninger, Ft. Wayne; Kenedi Penter, Douglas MacArthur, Indianapolis; Laila Abumahfouz, Eman, Fishers; Milani South, School 56, Indianapolis; Maya Watson, Georgetown, Georgetown; Alexander Frank, Mary Bryan, Indianapolis; Aaron Roberts, Harrison Hill, Ft. Wayne; Flavia Santos, Robert C. Harris, Ft. Wayne; Yoloni Sanders, Robert C. Harris, Ft. Wayne; Brett Cox, Irwin, Ft. Wayne; Mohamed Elbahlaoui, Eman, Fishers; Adrianna Hicks, Obannon, Hammond; Sydney Prenkert, LaSalle, Mishawaka; Ruth VanDeVoorde, Beiger, Mishawaka; Marisol Castillo, J.E Ober, Garrett and Ryder Reeves, Mary Bryan, Indianapolis
Award of Merit Kasiyah Murphy, Lafayette Elem, Hammond; Emma Herbert, Lafayette Elem, Hammond; Arleth Jimenez, Obannon, Hammond; Isaiah Kish, Harding, Hammond; Jessica Sisson, Vogel, Evansville; Jordan Sisson, Vogel, Evansville; Sophie Pearson, Scott, Evansville; Elena Norton, Twin Branch, Mishawaka; Ashlin Bailey, Twin Branch, Mishawaka; Liz Belfino, Emmons, Mishawaka; Tianna Crook, LaSalle, Mishawaka; Olivia Bultinck, Beiger, Mishawaka; Cienna King, Liberty Elem, Mishawaka; Ava Fox, Hums Elementary, Mishawaka and Rylei Clements, Oak Hill, Evansville
*Outstanding Interpretation Zoe Funk-Niemeier, Scott, Evansville
Award of Excellence Claire Kolkman, Harrison Hill, Ft. Wayne; Harmony High, Harrison Hill, Ft. Wayne; Gianna Williams, Robert C. Harris, Ft. Wayne; Ayatz Elbahlaoui, Eman, Fishers; Kessler Garner, School 56, Indianapolis; Madison Greene, J.E Ober, Garrett; Aida Haynes, J.E Ober, Garrett; Ruby Dollar, Raymond Park Academy, Indianapolis; Abla Abumahfouz, Eman, Fishers; Sarah Gomperts, Rosa Parks Edison, Indianapolis; Adriana Chaidez, Lafayette Elem, Hammond; Marissa Nelson, Lafayette Elem, Hammond; Cecelia Craig, Mary Bryan, Indianapolis; Isabella Fuentes, LaSalle, Mishawaka and Eilidh MacLead, Oak Hill, Evansville
Award of Merit Peddada Siddharth, Irwin, Ft. Wayne; Rianna Mowery, Nebraska, Ft. Wayne; Isabelle Potter, Douglas MacArthur, Indianapolis; Allie Vaught, Cynthia Heights, Evansville; Rachel Hack, School 56, Indianapolis; Edwin Ojeda, O’Bannon, Hammond; Nicholas Frank, Mary Bryan, Indianapolis; Ashley Staib, Harper, Evansville, Grace Zerbel, Twin Branch, Mishawaka; Lynnda Sutton, Beiger, Mishawaka; Bailey Darnell, Beiger, Mishawaka; Logan Cook, Liberty Elem, Mishawaka; Ashley Schoen, Hums Elementary, Mishawaka; Melena Wilson, Battell, Mishawaka; Arianna Tate, Oak Hill, Evansville and Isabella Montgomery, Hums, Mishawaka
*Outstanding Interpretation Brittany Branson, John Young, Mishawaka
Award of Excellence Chloe Ferguson, Oak Hill, Evansville; Montez Martinez, School 56, Indianapolis; Jessenia Segovia, School 56, Indianapolis; Alexis Salas, Colonel Wheeler, Crown Point; Erin Sizemore, Colonel Wheeler, Crown Point; Geneva Denney-Moore, John Young, Mishawaka; Elisabeth Kolkman, Memorial Park, Ft. Wayne; Hana Youssefagha, Eman, Fishers; Moid Ali, Perry Meridian MS, Indianapolis; Autumn MacCartney, Scott, Hammond and Jolee Plomb, Twin Branch, Mishawaka
Award of Merit Adrian Reagan, Jefferson Middle, Ft. Wayne; Ayanna Webb, Perry Meridian MS, Indianapolis; Chloe Geschwender, Emmons, Mishawaka; Dalton Dodson, Liberty Elem, Mishawaka; Kendall Miller, Hums Elementary, Mishawaka; Ethan Sergeant, Hums Elementary, Mishawaka and Courtney Brothers, Battell, Mishawaka
*Outstanding Interpretation Ling Lin, Reitz, Evansville
Award of Excellence Patrick Kercher, Reitz, Evansville; Shaina Haneline, North Side High, Ft. Wayne; Raneem Hijazi, Eman, Fishers; Abir Ouzzine, Eman, Fishers; Shae Olstad, North Side High, Ft. Wayne; Lindsay Eichlin, Morton High, Hammond; Jacqueline Avalos, Morton High, Carla Arguello, Mishawaka High, Mishawaka and Jasmyne Schierbaum, Mishawaka High, Mishawaka
Award of Merit Thian Hnem, Perry Meridian High, Indianapolis
Special Artist
Outstanding Interpretation Javen Jones, School 56, Indianapolis
Award of Excellence Jacob Robert Miller, School 56, Indianapolis; Gianna Smith, Lafayette Elementary, Hammond; Noemi Alvarez, Lafayette Elementary, Hammond; Faith Zurita, O’Bannon, Hammond; Vanessa Villalon, Morton High, Hammond and Miguel Martinez, Morton High, Hammond
Award of Merit Prince Woodall, Morton High, Hammond; Aaron Dowell, Lafayette Elem, Hammond; Tori Conner, O’Bannon, Hammond and Jordan Ross, School 56, Indianapolis


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